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What’s this about?

Climate change is probably the most global and complex problem we’ve ever faced. As individuals, we can often feel powerless in the face of the enormity of it all, and the amount of work we all need to put in can be overwhelming.

Mustard is about giving the power back to you. We’re here to provide you with the means to make impactful changes to your life to reduce your carbon footprint. Simple, clear and science-backed actions to save our planet.

We’ve broken down our carbon footprint into simple actions…


… researched the numbers behind them…


… so you can make real impact.


How does this work?

Here’s a simple, three-step action plan:



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Make positive changes to your lifestyle that benefit the planet. Our actions have all the info you need to make informed decisions to create maximum impact.



Who are we?

Beau and I are schoolmates who share a love of the outdoors and a belief that we should be actively protecting our natural world.

We’ve been around the world to explore, experience and learn. Our travels have taken us from India to Brazil, and we’ve seen that behind every choice and decision, we’re connected to millions of people who are feeling the effect and impact of a changing climate first.

Our individual actions alone won’t be enough to make a substantial impact, but there’s huge group of like-minded people out there who want change but are stuck out of uncertainty and confusion. Mustard is about connecting those people together and empowering them to take simple actions with real impact.

Alex & Beau

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