a collection of our thoughts on environmentalism, tips to be more planet-friendly and real facts that break through the misinformation we’re fed from the media.

Is skiing bad for the environment?

The carbon footprint of a ski holiday

Tangible metrics for climate change

How can we make carbon emissions feel more real?

Why should we be motivated to protect our planet?

The importance of aligning our actions to intrinsic motivations

Don’t let companies greenwash your life

Base your choices on impact rather than feeling

On global recycling day

A case for refocusing our efforts on the things that matter

Food waste: a global problem

How can we reduce the amount of food we waste?

We need to get back in touch with nature

For the sake of your wellbeing and the planet: go outdoors

Be wary of the news

Things are often more positive than they seem

Offsetting carbon

Can we really just offset our carbon problems?

Investing in our future

How do we invest in a socially-responsible and profitable way?

Commuting: a transport comparison

What is the greenest way to travel to work?

Holiday travelling: a transport comparison

What is the greenest way to travel for a holiday?

Why we need to stop flying

What is the carbon impact of flying?

A warning against online shopping

Is online shopping greener than the high street?

How shopping is making us all insecure

Resisting the appeal of consumerism

How to save the Christmas spirit this year

What’s the carbon-impact of buying Christmas presents?

Dishwasher vs sink — the showdown

What’s the carbon footprint of cleaning the dishes?

Shower power!

What’s the carbon footprint of a shower?

The exciting world of washing machines

What’s the carbon-impact of washing machines?

Let’s stop just flushing our problems away

What’s the carbon footprint of flushing the toilet?

The only rule you’ll ever need to save tap water

What’s the carbon-impact of tap water?

The eco showdown: artificial v real Christmas trees

What’s the carbon-impact of Christmas trees?

A drink: to our health and the demise of our planet

What’s the carbon-impact of bottled water?

What the Queen has taught us about environmentalism

What’s the carbon-impact of toilet paper?

How straws can teach us a lesson in scepticism

What’s the carbon-impact of straws?

Takeaways: a nudge in the right direction

What’s the carbon-impact of our takeaway containers?

To dry, or not to dry; there is no question

What’s the most carbon-efficient way to dry your hands?

The UKs caffeine addiction is fuelling climate change

What’s the carbon impact of disposable coffee cups?